shoddy work – bad masonry recorded by Jason 11 7 part 1

shoddy work – bad masonry recorded by Jason 11 7 part 1
hired a contractor who sounded like he knew the most. the most descriptive. turns out I may have made the wrong decision. I had a few requirements in my ad.
• Be insured, licensed in my state, and bonded.
• Have references and pics of your former work
• Currently be working daily in masonry and repair/ repointing/relaying
•Have significant experience.

Well It wasn’t til later I that I learned he was not insured, or licenced. He had no references, and had not worked in masonry for 7 years. He said he had 15 years of experience though. Man I think failed on this mason choice. What do you think of the work? Let me know what you think and how you think I should handle the situation and how to correct the problems. THanks

Update 11-18 he has been in a no show for 2 weeks and I think we’ve been conned!

During this whole experience has was a fast talker and always assured us he’s never ripped anyone off and would not start now, won’t leave us hanging, wouldn’t take the job if he didn’t think he could. etc. He also never worked a full day. Showed up late. Left early (always would come up with some excuse). Also did not keep a tidy work area, kept asking for more money, insisted to be paid before the job was done then got mad about it when we said we would not pay him before the job was completed and almost walked off the job. He did not have a voicemail account setup and would never answer the phone when you call him. It was very hard to reach him. He left cigarette butts laying around the house. Asked me to pay for materials even though we had given him 1000 $ for expenses/ materials. After he had been paid in full before the job was completed he asked again to be reimbursed for worth of materials and got mad when we said that “he had been paid and full and would not be reimbursed.” We have not been able to reach him and he’s been a no show 2 weeks in a row. We got ahold of him last one sunday ago and he said he had to work that weekend and would be back this weekend of which it is sun. midnight and he was a no show this weekend.

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