Decks and Gazebos

Question: A robin’s nest has been built in the eaves of our deck gazebo, a high traffic area. I have not touched the nest & since it’s high up, I can’t see if there are eggs in it. We have a dog and 3 young children & are out on our deck everyday. Will our dog’s presence scare the robins from returning? We haven’t seen them all day today, they were here yesterday.The nest is only about 2-3 days old & this is my 1st exp with Robins. I’d like to make it as safe for them as possible but am wondering if they’ve abandoned the nest already. Any advice will be appreciated,thanks!

Answer: Let nature take its course. If it’s a good spot for robins, they’ll stay and if not, they’ll go. We have robins build nests in trees along our sidewalk and very narrow porch, and they don’t seem to mind the traffic at all.

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  1. They may or may not stay. We once had some birds make a nest on a wreath on the front door of our house. We just left them alone and they proceeded to lay eggs and raise their chicks on our front door. Needless to say we avoided using that door whenever possible, but even with a dog, and our still relatively frequent comings and goings, they stayed.

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