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How-to video that details how you can install a new gutter on your home and addresses common problems with installation and how to avoid them. We have the necessary items for your DIY needs on

Question: My handyman said front only is sufficient.

He said it will protect my front plants but around the house, the rain will fall away and down from the house, so I don’t need it!

I live in Florida. Lots of rain. Hot most of the year. This year has been very cold though!

Again, front only only is gonna cost me a couple of hundred dollars. Whole house is gonna be over a thousand dollars.

Answer: Gutters can help control erosion, wood rot on the lower portions of houses, and work in conjunction with an underground irrigation setup. In the end gutters aren’t necessary for every house or every roof slope. Broad overhangs may cast runoff well away from the house, where proper grading and drainage can carry it safely away. If this is the case with your house, save your money for a different type of rainy day.

On a typical pitch roof with a normal overhang gutters are important on the sloped sides.

Houses that do not have gutters can sometimes suffer from erosion problems in heavy rains. In addition, the constant splashing of water against wood siding or stucco can lead to wood rot or efflorescence on stucco. Water collected in gutters can be directed to plants and other vegetation using inexpensive plastic drain pipe. Why use city water when Mother Nature does it for free!

The new gutters are put on with hangers not the old spikes and ferrules. You may want to consider getting a friend and doing the entire job yourself. You want a .032 inch thick So you can lay a ladder on them without denting and the new ones come in 37 foot runs. Call and get pricing.

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  1. Hi, don’t think about saving little money if it is destroying your building, i will recommend you to use gutters for your full building, however i can also refer you a service provider, you can have words with them, they can actually respond to your question in best way.

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