Question: So i am thinking about buying a home that needs a lot of work it is very outdated the home is $249900 and is 2600sqft. 4 Bedrooms, 2 Full + 1 Half Bath. Everything needs to be re-done and i mean EVERYTHING. How much do you think this will cost? I am not a handy person so i will need to hire a contractor or whatever their called and a designer. I am a very high-end person, i like very expensive things. So keep that in mind.

The home cost 249,900. My price range is 400000. So i’d be saving A LOT with this home. So also keep that in mind.

Answer: Remodeling an entire home is like building a new one only you don’t need to build it from scratch since you already have the foundation. If you want to totally remodel your home including changing of windows, carpet and flooring you will need to have a budget. Things these days are not cheap anymore so better prepare your wallet. What you need to do first is set a budget and call a couple of local contractors to discuss your home remodeling plan and your budget for it. It is best if you have ideas on what your new home will look like and discuss it as well to your contractor so they can give you an estimate.

Here is an estimate for one bathroom complete make over:

Type of Bathroom:
Full Bath

Complete or Partial remodel:

Desired Flooring Type:
Ceramic Tile

Replace bath tub or shower:

Is electrical job involved:
Yes, minor

Replacing cabinets:

Designer’s help:

Age of Property:
Less than 10 yrs

Type of Property:
Single Family Home

Workmanship level :
Balance between Quality and Cost

Approximate Cost: $6,901.00 – $8,435.00

But its just an estimate; it depends on your contractor, quality and price of materials, and most of all your budget.

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  1. I do not have an estimation but I think it would be few Hundred, Or thousand, Or Hundred Thousand. It depends on the furniture you get and were you get it. If you get it from an fancy place then it could coast millions to buy ALL your furniture. But If you go to a crappy place then your furniture will be cheap but ugly. So go a place that has good furniture and is good with there money. The contractor I really don’t know how much that would be.

  2. It depends on to what extent you are remodeling. Bedroms are hard to guess without specifics. Remodeling a full bath totally can range from $15,000 to $25,000 high end. Labor costs fluctuate, but materials/fixtures just keep creeping up. They will never come down.
    Your best bet is to make a room by room list of what you want to do. Don’t forget exterior as well. Call a few contractors, give them the list and get some bids. Prices will depend on where you live. Dont waste your time on a decorator, you know what you like. Trust your own judgement. You can always revise you plan, but you have to start somehwere. Hope that helps some. Good luck.

  3. try to contact the nearest contractor in your area and ask for estimation for the total cost. Approved Remodeling based on Kent and now extended their services in Seattle and nearby cities . they offer a quality service and they also give a discount.

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