Kroger delays remodeling and replacing some stores

Kroger delays remodeling and replacing some stores
CINCINNATI (WKRC) – Attention Kroger shoppers – your neighborhood store won’t be replaced or remodeled this year.

Several Kroger stores in the Tri-State were marked for an upgrade in 2017. Now those plans are on hold – indefinitely. The company is cutting development by 35 percent this year.

Kroger spokeswoman Patty Leeseman declined to give a list of the projects impacted. But did confirm the Dent and Colerain Township areas won’t be getting a new store. The Anderson Township expansion project is on hold.

The site of the proposed expansion still sits empty. The developer’s sign at the corner of Wolfangel Road and Beechmont Avenue says a new retail center is coming in the fall of 2016.

It’s June of 2017. Trustee Andrew Pappas says Anderson Township was frustrated. “It’s just going to be key to the development here. It’ll help finish up Anderson. We don’t want an unfinished parcel sitting in the middle of our downtown Anderson plan.”

Trustee Joshua Gerth sent a letter to Kroger’s CEO Rodney McMullen. It asks the company to resume to development as soon as possible. Pappas said Kroger has since agreed to re-open the driveway from the existing store to Wolfangel road and to develop the space where new restaurants like Currito and The Eagle were planning to open. “At least we can live with that for now and seeing how long it might take Kroger to either decide what they’ll do with the site. What they’ll do with the expansion plans. At least we will have it done. ”

The reason Kroger is freezing development has to do with the bottom-line. Kroger spokeswoman Patty Leeseman told me there has been a quote “reallocation of capital which resulted in a slowdown of the company’s plans for new stores”

Kroger says 3 stores were already under construction and aren’t impacted. They are Centerville and Fairborn in Ohio and Union in Kentucky.

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