Oxygen Not Included (S3) 22: Base Remodeling. Let’s Play ONI Agricultural Upgrade Gameplay

Oxygen Not Included (S3) 22: Base Remodeling. Let’s Play ONI Agricultural Upgrade Gameplay
This is Oxygen Not Included brought to us by Klei Entertainment. In this episode we tear it down, and build it up with quite a few base additions, removals and overall remodeling. Just like the title says, we are starting to get setup for the larger more sustainable system we ultimately want so that we can get more duplicants into this inhospitable asteroid!


Oxygen Not Included is a colony space survival game where you manage duplicants (or cloned 3d printed human beings) on a terrestrial body somewhere out in space. In this game you must cater to all the needs of your colony including but not limited to food to eat, a place to sleep and use the bathroom, even (as the name implies) the air that they need to breath. It’s very important to not underestimate this hunk of rock as it is compromised of many different layers and temperatures and has pockets of toxic material or freezing material and even parasites and creatures to battle. Your characters will take care of all of their actions on their own but rely instead on you to order the jobs that need to be done and then wait for them to decide to do it based on a priority setting and also how good they are at each job.

Each duplicant has a skill rating in the various categories of tasks they can accomplish and even level up these skills and get better as they work on your colony. The game also employs many physics into the game such as your duplicants breathing out carbon dioxide as they inhale oxygen and items becoming liquid, gas, or solid based on the temperature they are exposed to. Every block in this game has a tremendously impressive amount of detail available should you want to read each item, including listing it’s volatility and it’s boiling / freezing point. The animation style is beautiful and the characters are a joy to work with, just remember wherever you go, that your oxygen isn’t in fact included (Sorry I couldn’t resist)…


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