Ranch Style House Remodeling Idea with Indoor-Outdoor Integration Plan

Ranch Style House Remodeling Idea with Indoor-Outdoor Integration Plan
1950 ranch house adding onto a ranch style house shutters for ranch style homes

Ranch style house was transformed into modern, bright, and open with indoor-outdoor integration plan concept. The house building integrated with its enclosed yard. This beautiful rancher has L-shaped floor plan. The makeover processed did not change the foot print of this ranch style home. The remodeling project of this ranch house focused in the efficiency of room arrangement. This ranch house renovation project also focused on interior decorating. The new interior and decorating of this small ranch house bring modern living style. The furniture layout also changed so it brings new interior perspective.
The open plan or outdoor-indoor integration concept happen at rear area of the ranch house. At the rear area an enclosed backyard formed due to its L-shaped plan. The secluded backyard or courtyard becomes outdoor living. To connect courtyard outdoor living with indoor, new openings installed. The rear exterior walls and windows replaced with new wider and taller openings panels. The new opening panels consist of folding glass doors, huge glass windows, and sliding doors.


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