Replacement Windows


Answer: Replacement windows are designed to be installed without much demolition to the siding and interior of the window area as regular windows have a “nailing fin” on vinyl replacement windows so that it is easy to install on a new house or an addition and then the siding and drywall are installed to cover up the parts that are not so cosmetic and the wood trim is caulked to the window to make it look nice and seal out air, insects, etc.
Replacement windows are installed a bit differently as some have to be removed but generally you have a lot less mess. A good carpenter can install the same wood trim inside that was on the old windows and will usually bend metal to cover the outside trim to minimize paint maintenance and after caulk it is nice just like the new install type.

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  1. goes. replacement windows are windows that are REPLACING windows currently installed that are old, provide no weather protection etc., etc.
    They’re not some special type of window. If the same brand of window, sold as a replacement window, were installed during construction, as a great number of them are (Anderson, Pella et al) they would be considered OEM. (original equipment manufacturer). If those windows, needed to be replaced..lets say they got blown out in a storm, the windows..even if you replaced them with the same exact brand and model, would be considered replacement windows.

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