Can MS-DOS 6.22 (1994) Replace Windows 7?

Can MS-DOS 6.22 (1994) Replace Windows 7?
DOS may have been revolutionary for it’s time but can you use it to do stuff we do today on windows 7 (or windows 8)? Well then let’s try it out!

Video Sections:
1:15 Navigation/File System Commands
3:30 Working with Basic Text Files
10:20 DOS Gaming
23:25 Advanced Word Processing
25:50 Installing and Using a Mouse Within DOS
28:25 Making Graphics (DPaint) With DOS
33:55 Viewing Images on DOS
35:10 Play Sound with DOS (Programming Sound)
41:20 NES Emulator on DOS (Metroid)
44:10 Installing and Using the GEM GUI for DOS
52:25 Full DOS Review

Actual List of Tasks:
1. Create a text file to store the list of tasks.
2. Display the contents of a text file without using edit
3. Copy and Paste text
4. Access files on a floppy disk
5. Play 3 Dos games that satisfy my gaming hunger
6. Use a more advanced text editing program
7. Get the mouse working
8. Make any type of image file using a Dos painting or graphics program
9. View an image file on DOS
10. Play sound/music with dos
11. Test out a game console emulator and play a game
12. Install a graphical interface for DOS
13. Install a gem application

All Credit goes to Cat333Pokemon for making the portal 2 tune in DOS.

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