Replacing a window stool and apron (interior sil)

Replacing a window stool and apron (interior sil)
This video is for information only!

The stool on one of my windows had cracked due to a heavy a/c unit being placed on it over the years, so I decided rather than repair it I would replace it. This video shows you how I went about doing that. Although I had done nothing like this before, I found that this was not a difficult job to do. I was fortunate that I was able to get the old stool out in one piece and as such I used this as a template for the new stool. I also set up my table saw by placing the old stool on it and setting the blade depth and angle of cut accordingly. I would highly recommend making test cuts on some scrap pieces of wood before committing to sawing the new piece.

The new wood for the stool cost me from a local lumber yard; the piece for the apron about from Home Depot. I also used 8d finishing nails.


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