Fittest Roofer 2017 by Roofing Insights, $2500 AWARD

Fittest Roofer 2017 by Roofing Insights, 00 AWARD
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Fittest Roofer 2017 by Roofing Insights, 00 AWARD

Do you think your company has the fittest, fastest or strongest roofer alive? This is your time to prove it! At Roofing Insights we created FITTEST ROOFER 2017, a worldwide contest created explicitly for the roofing industry. We are challenging everyone who works on this industry including business owners, employees, installers, roofing companies, roofing manufacturing companies, etc. We have seen many videos in the last couple of years of people divulging to be the greatest roofer in the world. We want to believe you! Our mission is to find out who are the best roofers alive and reward them with up to 00 for their hard work.
This tournament would be divided in three sections: 17.1 , 17.2 and 17.3. The first section starts from today May 2nd, deadline to submit results for this section is May 28th. and the results will be announced on June 1st. The second section starts on August and results will be announced on October 1st. The third section starts on November, the results and the final winner will be announced on December 1st. The final winner will be the one with the shortest amount of time in total of the three sections.
17.1 This first round is about lifting a 70-pound bundle of shingles for one-hundred times. Make sure none in your team is hurting their back and everyone is officially educated on how to lift properly by watching this video before starting the competition. After you watched the video, double-check you understand the rules and you are ready to go.

Rules for Section 17.1

Make a video of the participants competing and include the 3 other companies you will like to challenge.
Each participant must be lifting a 70-pound bundle, make sure you weight it and prove it in your video.
Tip: Have a judge making the count-down for each participant.
Send the results and video to either or our Roofing Insights Facebook account. Include the name of each participant and the company name as well.
Make sure you are subscribed to our Roofing Insights YouTube channel.

Quick tips to organizers: Make this contest an event for your company as recognition of everyone’s hard work! Don’t forget to warm-up, provide plenty of water for participants and do not do more than you can handle! HAVE FUN !

Use the #FittestRoofer2017 and do your best! Deadline to submit results for this section is May 28th. If you want more details and find out the three companies we challenged.


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