Recycling Barn Metal – Remove Corrugated Roofing | Homestead Kids

Recycling Barn Metal – Remove Corrugated Roofing | Homestead Kids
Recycling barn metal from the old barn we were given to tear down. There was a lot of good corrugated tin on the old barn that we are removing so we can recycle it and use it on the free homestead house. Here we show one way to remove the corrugated metal siding and roofing without damaging the sheets. No need to pull nails and bend the metal. Papa and the kids used hand tools in order to remove it without damage. We purchased two different end cutters (or nail nippers ) from Harbor Freight for the job. Using the nail nippers with 3/4″ galvanized water pipe sections for handle extensions, we cut the heads off each nail to remove the corrugated metal siding from the walls of the barn. With little or no damage to the metal sheets, they will make good metal roofing for the free house project. We also used the trusty Bostitch 36″ Spring Steel Wrecking bar where necessary which is my favorite tool for this work. That is the same bar that essentially tore down the whole free house. Once all of the metal has been removed from the building, we will finish tearing down the wooden structure and salvaging what wood we can recycle. All of the nails we have pulled have been saved to be sent to the scrap yard to be recycled as well. May as well not waste anything if we can avoid it. The added benefit of that is that the cows won’t get a nail in their hooves with them all picked up. We will save money by using recycled materials to rebuild the free house. There are many ways to save money while homesteading.

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